Sunday, July 31, 2011

Offensive minded?

It seems to me that The Arizona Cardinals have one thing in mind when it comes to this season, Score. With talented receiver Larry Fitzgerald, new QB Kevin Kolb and a new TE Todd Heap, it looks like The Cardinals plan to outscore their opponents. I have heard rumors that they were also interested in acquiring WR Braylon Edwards from the Jets. With all of the talented offensive players they have, I only see the Cardinals having one way to win this season, either outscore their opponents or lose.

With everything that has happened through the free agency signings and trades, I look forward to a crazy and unpredictable season ahead.


  1. The Cards were in dire need of a new QB as Matt Leinart was unsuccessful.

  2. For sure, don't get me wrong I think it was a great move on their part to trade for Kolb. I just think it came at a steep price, which I would expect nothing less from Andy Reid. Overall great move by the Cards, it's just too bad they lost DRC in the deal.